Vision, Mission & Philosophy

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Vision Statement

San Joaquin Memorial High School is the school of choice for many students and families who seek a rigorous college preparatory education within a Catholic, culturally diverse and enriching environment.

Hallmarks of a San Joaquin Memorial education include integrating state-of-the-art technology within the teaching and learning process, comprehensive community service learning programs, and a wide choice of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities designed to ensure that the gifts and talents of each student are both recognized and maximized.

Mission Statement

San Joaquin Memorial High School is a Catholic, college preparatory high school dedicated to developing future citizens and leaders in Christ’s mission. We maintain a safe and nurturing environment that honors the dignity and fosters the potential of students from diverse backgrounds.

In collaboration with parents, we promote a standard of excellence through academic and faith- based programs designed to meet the needs of all students and provide extra-curricular opportunities to enrich the learning experience.

Our mission calls for us to inspire each student to be conscientious and compassionate leaders. We strive to graduate accomplished young men and women dedicated and equipped to serve humanity through a variety of professions.

Philosophy of Education


San Joaquin Memorial High School is a ministry of the Catholic Church administered by the Diocese of Fresno. Our foundation is the Gospel message that inspires worship, promotes service and builds community. In partnership with parents—who are the primary educators—our faculty and staff serve as teachers and mentors in a student-centered environment.

We are an inclusive community and challenge students to embrace diversity while recognizing the dignity of each individual. Our goal is to graduate citizens who will influence society through their faith, learning, service and leadership.


We believe in inspiring each student to adopt a personal faith journey by offering opportunities for worship, reflection and prayer. We provide an atmosphere that calls each person to find God in all things. Participation in our school’s retreat program, religious studies curriculum and campus ministry activities help provide students with a deeper awareness of God in their daily lives.


We believe Memorial High’s rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum develops our students’ academic and creative strengths. We also believe in developing 21st-century skills, promoting intellectual curiosity, encouraging critical thinking and—most of all—instilling a love for learning.


We believe in inspiring students to follow the model of Jesus Christ and answer the call to serve the school and the greater community. We believe that each student will achieve a greater awareness and understanding of the “least of these” by becoming involved with those in need.