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Club Meetings

Please see the SJM Calendar for club meeting dates and times.

Events & Calendar

Academic Decathlon

Purpose: To promote and recognize learning and achievement by emphasizing the value of academic excellence for all students, and by fostering fair and challenging local, state and national Academic Decathlon team competitions for high school students. The emphasis is on the personal growth of each student, who, by meeting the challenges with honesty and integrity, reaps the rewards of greater self-knowledge and self-confidence for the future.


Purpose: To promote the sciences and the benefits of continued education in the sciences as pertaining to space, space travel, planets, as well as growth in physics curriculum, etc.

African American Student Union

Purpose: To promote the development of cooperative efforts among their schools and communities; to perpetuate the opportunities for self, school, and community improvement; and, to become a nation-wide organization. The AASU shall seek to accomplish its purpose by hearing speakers, attending workshops to discuss educational, political, and social concerns and to provide scholarships for members.


Purpose:: To create a welcoming atmosphere here at SJM by providing an introduction and information about our school to interested or new students, their families and interested community members. Ambassadors also represent SJM at both school and community events by building relationships within and beyond our community.

Applications of Practical Ethics in Society Club

Purpose: To facilitate the application of ethics and logical reasoning to contemporary issues.


Chem Club

Purpose: To allow students who have an interest in chemistry and other sciences in a relatively informal environment, to explore and foster further interest. Students will have the ability to gain practical lab experiences and knowledge to assist in their educational experience in high school and beyond.

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

Purpose: Service, scholarships, leadership and citizenship. Activities: Tutoring other students, Christmas toy and food drive and cultural outings. Membership is by granted based on grades.


Drama Club

Purpose: To foster theater craft in acting, set construction, costume design, lighting and make-up. Activities: Two or more productions and outside activities during the year.

Fashion Club (FIDM)

Purpose: To provide an outlet for girls and boys to express themselves through fashion and design, and to be able to pursue their interests in the fashion industry.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Purpose: To encourage student athletes to continue walking with Jesus and serving others. Meetings and activities are conducted throughout the year to encourage growth and fellowship.



Gender Equality in Modern Society (GEMS)

Purpose: To bring awareness of gender biases and strive for gender equality while informing others of political, economic and social issues facing women today; and to empower young women to become effective leaders and visionaries through dedication to the progression of gender equality on our campus, in our community and globally.

National History Society

Purpose: To bring together students and teachers with a real passion for history, helping them learn from each other’s ideas, experiences, and stories. A main goal is to enjoy learning, reading, writing and living history, as a means to better understand today’s world and future potential experiences.

International Cultures Club

Purpose: To learn and share customs and backgrounds of different cultures; to host various activities on campus and to promote the acceptance of cultural diversity.

Math Club

Purpose: To expose students to various ceramic art related activities and service projects. Activities include art workshops, field trips to museums and community service projects. All activities are conducted after school and on weekends.

Mosaic Club

Purpose: To expose students to various ceramic art related activities and service projects. Activities include art workshops, field trips to museums and community service projects. All activities are conducted after school and on weekends.

Nature Club

Purpose: To promote and experience the beauty of nature in locations throughout Central and Northern California through hiking and recreation in scenic areas. Encourage the appreciation for natural beauty and preservation of natural resources, i.e. campus recycling.

NHS (National Honor Society)

Purpose:To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership and encourage the development of character in students of SJM. Membership is attained by selection; juniors and seniors only with a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.75 and exceptional record of service, leadership and character.

Peer Counselors

Purpose: To mentor freshman and transfer students through formal and informal interactions throughout the entire school year, including orientations, retreats, and various school events. Membership is by application and acceptance.

Photo/Video Club

Purpose: To provide students with a range of photography/video skills using film and digital images, to showcase their talents and display their work.


Purpose: To promote the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how mathematics, science, and communication skills transform into fully functional robots.

S Club

Purpose: A service-oriented club where members volunteer time for different services to promote citizenship toward the school and community, while fostering team spirit and camaraderie on campus.

Ski Club

Purpose: To provide a school community opportunity for students to learn, grow and enjoy the sport of skiing and bond as a group.

The Leaders in Agriculture (The LeAg)

Purpose: To promote interest and growth of FFA curriculum on campus and the knowledge gained through the FFA program in all curriculum areas.

World Languages

Purpose: To promote the study of World Languages and foster an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. We want to encourage all students to study a second language.