Susan Spencer Byers ’88
Tom Spencer
Principal, ex-officio
107A7744 Neil Angelillo cropped Neil Angelillo ’83
107A5072 Mona Faulkner send.jpg
Mona Faulkner
Superintendent, ex-officio
Dennis Dupertis
Freshman Counselor, ex-officio
107A2359 send
Sean Carey
Administrator, ex-officio
107A1756 Michelle Kusche send Michelle Kusch ’87 107A4267 Father Borges send.jpg Father Robert Borges
107A5406 Tony Smith send Anthony Smith ’82 5121 Monsignor Rob cropped.jpg Monsignor Rob Wenzinger
Rector, ex-officio
  Jeffrey Perachhi ’85 unnamed Steve Campos
107A2960 Ralph Munoz Ralph Munoz ’85 107A1712 Fanucchi send Eddie Fanucchi ’86
107A9870 Doug Sampson cropped.jpg
Doug Sampson ’84
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.43.43 AM  Jerry Laval
No Photo Kathryn McDougal    

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The San Joaquin Memorial High School board of directors governs the business, affairs and formal educational program of San Joaquin Memorial High School. The board’s responsibilities are grouped into six general areas:

  1. The board shall clarify and enunciate the mission and Catholic identity of the school;
  2. The board shall develop, prioritize and implement short and long-range strategic goals and plans for the school;
  3. The board will formulate and communicate policies for Memorial, which are in accordance with diocesan policies and regulations.
  4. The board shall guide the development of the school’s financial plans and annual budgets, and monitor their implementation.
  5. The board shall direct, review and evaluate the advancement and development activities of the school.
  6. The board shall participate in evaluating the school’s general performance, the president, the implementation of school policies and goals, and its own effectiveness.

Powers of the Board of Directors

  1. Create, promulgate and implement written policies with respect to matters affecting Memorial, its facilities and equipment, which are not reserved to the bishop by himself or in the Code of Canon Law or contrary to written policies of the Diocese of Fresno.
  2. Assure that the administrative officers of Memorial implement the written policies of the board and diocese.
  3. Oversee all fiscal matters, including, but not limited to, establishing and keeping an annual school budget and managing all fundraising and development activities of Memorial, not expressly reserved to the bishop.
  4. Establish and evaluate strategic and annual planning goals.
  5. Assist the rector, president and principal in maintaining and promoting the Catholic identity of Memorial and in preserving a close relationship with the bishop.
  6. Integrate the individual academic disciplines in such a way that they offer a single unified system of student formation.

Board Minutes

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