ISOs (Integral Student Outcomes)

DSC_7291A San Joaquin Memorial graduate demonstrates Gospel values and virtues, reflected in faith, learning and service.

An SJM graduate embraces a life of faith by:

  • Acting with honesty, integrity and compassion guided by an informed Christian conscience.
  • Actively participating in Catholic traditions and Christian service.
  • Recognizing and affirming the God-given dignity of each human person.

An SJM graduate values lifelong learning by:

  • Demonstrating effective written, oral and digital communication skills throughout the curriculum.
  • Utilizing problem solving skills fueled by critical thinking, creativity and innovation.
  • Using technology in a meaningful and ethical way.

An SJM Graduate lives a life of service by:

  • Promoting the common good.
  • Serving the needs of others using his or her personal gifts.
  • Respecting diversity both within and beyond the community.