College Admissions Requirements

11351318_824276707665927_5146481263540752012_nThe University of California and California State University campuses accept high school subject area courses designated P, HP or AP to meet the 15 core classes required for admission known as the A-G requirements. Most other public and private universities have a similar admission requirement, but students should carefully research specific requirements for individual universities in which they are interested.

The purpose of A-G subject area requirements are to ensure that entering students:

  • Can participate fully in the first-year program at the university in a broad variety of fields of study.
  • Have attained the necessary preparation for courses, majors and programs offered.
  • Have attained a body of knowledge that will provide breadth and perspective to new, more advanced studies.
  • Have attained essential critical thinking and study skills.

The following general criteria must be satisfied for courses to meet the A-G requirement:

  • Be academically challenging.
  • Involve substantial reading and writing.
  • Include problems and lab work as appropriate.
  • Show serious attention to analytical thinking, as well as factual content.
  • Develop students’ oral and listening skills.

A-G UC and CSU Requirements

The University of California sets the high school course requirements for applying to its nine campuses. The requirements are known as A-G course requirements. These requirements are also mandated by the California State University system and meet the course guidelines for all private schools in California.

CSU/UC Admission Requirements (A-G Requirements)

A. Social Science 2 years (3 years recommended)1 yr. of World Cultures or AP European History1 yr. U.S. History (P) or (AP)
B. English 4 years (1 course taken each year)
C. Mathematics 3 years (4 years strongly recommended)Algebra 1, Geometry, & Algebra 2
D. Laboratory Science 2 years (3 years recommended)Biology & Chemistry
E. Language Other thanEnglish (LOTE) 2 years (3-4 years recommended)French, Italian or Spanish
F. Visual & Performing Arts 1 year (More courses recommended for students hoping to pursue the arts)
G. Electives 1 year (More courses recommended)In addition to the above requirements, an additional year of a college prep (P, HP or AP) course.

San Joaquin Memorial graduation requirements are not only fully aligned with the University of California and California State University entrance requirements, but exceed them. Students planning to attend selective four-year colleges or universities are strongly advised to consider supplementing the basic minimum requirements with additional electives in mathematics, world languages, social science and science.

For more information on course offerings and academic requirements, please download the following course catalogs by clicking on the links below.