Dear San Joaquin Memorial Students and Parents:

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The 2019-2020 Course Selection Catalog contains a brief description of the courses San Joaquin Memorial will offer for this academic year. Eligibility requirements, where applicable, are also explained.  Review the San Joaquin Memorial graduation requirements as well as CSU/UC college admission requirements listed in the catalog. These course offerings are the result of considerable time and study conducted by San Joaquin Memorial and represent the kind of program that we believe to be an appropriate preparation for Memorial students in the pursuit of an integrated, well rounded, and exemplary Catholic education. 

We are excited by the addition of two new courses, which will provide our students with even greater opportunities. A new science course, Conceptual Physics, which is closely aligned with Algebra 1P, is structured to meet a physical science college admissions requirement at an earlier grade level. The new Advanced Placement course, AP Research, is the second course of the AP Capstone program, will allow students the opportunity to continue developing college-level writing and research skills by completion of a research project.

As part of Memorial’s STEA2M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Art, Math) initiative, we continue to develop interdepartmental approaches to include supplemental agriculture-based and engineering-based content.

In your choice of courses for 2019-2020, please avail yourself of the guidance and direction of your parents, teachers, and counselors. Since the responsibility for academic success rests with each student, it is vitally important that, with your parents, you carefully plan, discuss, and determine which course offerings will best suit your individual interests, abilities, and objectives.

Remember that final course offerings during 2019-2020 depend upon enrollment, course sign-ups, and the availability of teachers.  

May your planning, and the efforts San Joaquin Memorial continues to make in your regard, result in a program of studies that appropriately addresses your individual needs and objectives as well as Memorial’s goals for all those students whom we will serve.

God Bless,

Tom Spencer


2019-2020 Course Selection Catalog

2019-2020 Freshman Course Catalog