San Joaquin Memorial regards athletics as an educational activity that consciously develops and contributes to the student-athlete’s growth as a Catholic-Christian. All coaches accept the student-athlete as a unique individual, and will assist the student-athlete in developing skills the following skills:

  • An ability to keep sports competition, and associated activities, in the proper Catholic-Christian perspective.
  • A desire to develop and properly utilize God-given physical and mental abilities.
  • A willingness to accept responsibility as an DSC_8603individual competitor, and as a contributing team member.
  • An ability to properly control emotions during periods of stress.
  • An appreciation of the efforts of others, whether they be teammates, opponents, coaches, officials or spectators (good sportsmanship).

Coaches will exemplify and model these same Catholic-Christian values. While competition is part of life, sporting environments often fail to reflect Christian values. To address this, SJM enforces a code of ethics to guide coaches and administrators who are responsible for overseeing the athletic program.

Sports Schedules

Please see the Athletic Calendar. Game dates and times are subject to change.

Athletic Director

Stacey Abney

Athletic Director

JD Salles


SJM Sports Pre-Participation Screening Form 2019