Alumni Overview

Welcome Back San Joaquin Memorial Friends, Family, and Alumni!

This section of our website is designed to foster an enduring connection among San Joaquin Memorial family, friends and its students; engage all alumni into the life of the school and support them in pursuit of their goals; and preserve the heritage that bonds the diverse group of people touched by San Joaquin Memorial. We believe that establishing relationships and partnerships are a critical component for achieving our goals. We call upon each of you – student, alumnus, parent or friend – to proudly claim your role as a member of Panther Nation. Our staff strives to promote and provide the services and opportunities needed to make the Memorial Alumni a premier high school alumni organization.


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For more information, contact the Registrar Office at or at (559) 268-9251.

Celebrated San Joaquin Memorial Alumni

  • 1972-73 San Joaquin Memorial boys basketball team, State High School Champions/ Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Jim Costa, United States Congressman
  • Pete Dalena, former professional baseball player (Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees) and current teacher
  • Brook Lopez, NBA player, New Jersey Nets
  • Robin Lopez, NBA player, Phoenix Suns
  • Quincy Pondexter, NBA player, New Orleans Pelicans
  • Phil Roman, producer of “The Simpsons”
  • Jackie White, former San Joaquin Memorial basketball and college basketball star; second female member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

San Joaquin Memorial Hall of Fame Members

  • Ed Boele ’47
  • Mary Brown, Coach & Teacher
  • Ellis Carrasco, Coach & Teacher
  • Tom Cleary ’57
  • Pete Dalena ’78
  • *Leonard De Fendis ’53
  • *Nicola DiCicco, Volunteer
  • Rank Fiorentino ’54
  • Dennis Frye ’72
  • *John W. Frye, M.D., Volunteer
  • Dan Grady ’55
  • Larry Hanoian ’57
  • Terry Hanoian ’57
  • Charles Hernandez ’51
  • Dean A. Jelmini ’69
  • Carolyn Jenkins ’86
  • Michael Kerkorian ’84
  • Vince Kliegl, Coach, Teacher & Volunteer
  • Pete Lano ’58
  • Chad Matoian ’92
  • Mike Mathiesen ’56
  • Kathy McCarthy-Scrivner ’83
  • Bob McGuire ’74
  • *Gary McKeighan ’61
  • *Brother Wilfred Menard, Coach & Teacher
  • Frank Ortenzio ’69
  • Luke J. Palmo ’78
  • Vince Palmo, Sr., Volunteer
  • Louis Pardini, M.D., Volunteer
  • Don Peracchi ’62
  • *Delores J. Pirrman, Coach & Teacher
  • Clifton Pondexter ’73
  • Roscoe Pondexter ’71
  • Theresa M. (Ray) Prandini ’74
  • Paul Ramsay ’68
  • Bill Schuh ’58
  • Bruce Seifert, Coach & Teacher
  • Sybil Smith ’84
  • Larry Snyder ’55
  • John Stahl ‘64
  • Dan Stockton, Coach, Teacher & Volunteer
  • Br. Raphael-Philip Thez, Teacher & Principal
  • David Tucker ’71
  • Yvette Valdez ’91
  • Chuch Vanoncini ’54
  • *Ed Walbeck, Volunteer
  • *Dick Wathen, Volunteer
  • Jack Wathen ’51
  • Richard Wathen ’73
  • Jackie White ’80
  • The Caglia Family
  • 1960-70’s Dads Club
  • 1949 Football Team
  • 1971-72 Boys Basketball Team
  • 1972-73 Boys Basketball Team
  • 1980 Girls Basketball Team

(*Posthumous Induction)

Faith In Our Future

San Joaquin Memorial High School has a tremendous legacy and very bright future.

The Faith in Our Future campaign is a critical strategic initiative that is having a tremendous impact on our school. Simply put, the campaign is helping Memorial reach the next level of excellence.

The money raised through this campaign is funding three key areas: facilities, endowment and technology.

Over time and due to a lack of consistent resources, our beautiful campus and its buildings have begun to show their age. The Faith In Our Future campaign is the solution for funding the upgrades needed to the cafeteria, media center, restrooms, gym, swimming pool and other larger ticket maintenance items.


Growing the endowment will provide much needed increases in tuition assistance to allow for enrollment growth and stability. A strong endowment will assist with faculty compensation and professional development.

Having a strong technological campus is critically important to educate students in today’s world. Updating the campus infrastructure is required. Older science equipment and outdated computer labs must be replaced with state-of-the-art technology. Continuous technology investments are necessary moving forward.

“The Memorial experience is unique and provides a lifetime of success and friendships for our students. Now is the time to invest in the future of a school that has such a positive influence in the Fresno community – let’s help our students value the excellence of Memorial.”-  Mike Schuh, Class of 1987, Faith in Our Future co-chair

By committing to the Faith in Our Future campaign, you can help the long-term growth and stability of the Memorial campus and help students for generations to come.

For more information about the Faith in Our Future campaign, please contact the development office at (559) 475-5841 or Steve Weakland, director of development,

Annual Panther

The Annual Panther Fund is a necessary funding stream that supports school programs that are part of Memorial’s annual operating budget. Here are some key areas that are directly impacted by your gifts:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Academics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Athletics